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The KING RANGE CONSERVATION AREA, California starts at the coast with King Peak (at 4088 feet) and at spots goes inland 6 miles. It runs from the Mouth of the Mattole River 35 miles south wrapping around the Shelter Cove Resort District, to Whale gulch totaling approximately 68,000 acres. The area is comprised of a mixture of habitat ranging from prairie, pine woodlands, scrub oak, and manzanita thicket. Fresh water streams abound through the valleys and gulches running into the sea or into the Mattole watershed. This area teems with wildlife and one should be mindful of the Mountain lions and bear living there. There are a 6 camp grounds with a total of 48 campsites. These grounds are not all the same as some have year round water and others don't. Hiking, fishing (not allowed in the creeks within the King Range but it is ok in ocean & sections of the Mattole River. Fishermen need to check regs.), bird and animal watching will entertain you on the many trails and roads. The Lost Coast Trail wanders though this area and on down through the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park to the south. One can hike down the coast to Shelter Cove, but from Shelter Cove you have to go up to the Lost Coast trail; as there isn't a passable beach south to Sinkyone. The terrain is very steep and any long distant hikers should allow for this fact. If one is following a schedule these steep inclines can all time to the trip. Also Black Sand Beach is difficult to walk on and can add time to the hike and wear you out prematurely. From the beach and promontories one can observe the migration of whales both in the spring and fall seasons. The seasons are not neatly defined so look for them at all times. Late summer there are few sightings and in late winter there are none. Bald Eagle and Osprey also range in the area. A small flock of Osprey fishes most all summer in the Cove at Shelter Cove, CA. 


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