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Hike to the north of Shelter Cove, on various trails or Big Black Sand Beach and one will come out at the MOUTH of the MATTOLE RIVER ,California. This spot is a wonderful estuary full of water fowl, other bird and animal types, as well as, aquatic life. Close by are ancient aboriginal sites that are designated as university study areas. Hikers or visitors to these areas or any similar areas, having aboriginal artifacts or graves, should be respectful and leave the area undisturbed. Just north of the estuary is Cape Mendocino, which is the furthest point west in California. Cape Mendocino had an antique light house built in 1868, that has been given to the folks at Shelter Cove. An on going project is underway to have the Light house relocated to Shelter Cove. 

There are some camping spots at the Estuary but it is limited to dry camping. 

Hiking east and up the Mattole river will bring you to Petrolia and a well traveled roadway. 



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