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The Sinkyone Wilderness State Park was established or purchased by the State of California in the mid '70's after a ballot measure authorized the purchase. Access to the 7300 acre Sinkyone State Wild Life Park can be by foot from various locations along the north coast or one could drive into the park from the north or south but the realviewnorth.jpg (10818 bytes) adventure of the park is to hike from one end to the other along the bluffs and trails that will bring one by the several camping sites along the way. The park is not designed for the week-end camper or the "looky lou" who wants amenities and comforts. The park is really a zoological garden into which you must take a respectful attitude toward the wild life species there. Roosevelt.jpg (7515 bytes)The Roosevelt Elk herds are the predominate spectacle, however, there are seals, sea lion, river otter, bob cat, cougar (Mountain Lion), bear and the list goes on with the smaller animals to numerous to mention.

"Sinkyone" named for the Sinkyone Indians that inhabited and inhabit the lost coast area. Is still used by these people to hold ceremonies and festive celebrations. These activities are held in the Usal Road campground at the southern end of the park.

The park is long and narrow and is butted against the Kings Range Conservation Area to the north. Usal Road runs along the length on the ridges up from the sea at Sinkyone. Other logging trails and fire trails are on the other side in wilderness land to the east. By driving along Usal road and dropping down various hiking trails into Sinkyone one can abbreviate the 11 plus mile hike.

The old Stewart Ranch and house at the  at the north end   preserves some of the coastal architecture of the late 19th century. It houses the duty ranger/caretaker and is open with exhibits most all summer. 

There is a total of 31 "hike in" campsites starting at the north end of the park going south some are close to the parking area. All trash and belongings must be carried out. Potable water is not provided and care must be taken to properly prepare the fresh water in streams and run off for drinking or cooking. DEER in tall grassWood must be brought into the park for campfires. At the southern end where Usal Road comes down into the camp area there are 16 "drive up to" camp sites with refuse bins and water near by. Toilets are at several locations in this section of the park.

Driving in from the south turn left onto Usal Road north of Rock Port right where Highway One heads in land toward Leggit. From the north you can get to "Four Corners" by coming along Chemise Mountain road from Shelter Cove road and then going west at "four corners" to the parks northern entry. All these roads are not for RV's or Travel Trailers and in the winter some of the roads are impassable; or with 4x4's only. Drive slow and keep the dust to a minimum around inhabited areas and along stream beds to protect fledgling fish. This is Mother Natures living room act accordingly

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