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The Lake:

Clear Lake is the largest natural body of fresh water in California. There is a dam that raises the water a little above the natural bed. Geologically speaking Clear Lake is ancient and may be one of the oldest bodies of water on the North American Continent. But needless to say the original residents of the Clear Lake area, the current residents and the visitors all enjoy the many pleasures that the lake offers.

Fishing has always been the one of the most popular activities around the shoreline or out in a boat. Black bass inhabit the waters and makes a tasty treat when cooked at your cabin over an open flame or pan fried.

Swimming, boating, and other water sports are extremely popular all around the lake. You can rent boats for skiing, fishing, sailing, peddling, and jet skis for racing around on, also patio and house boats. There are beaches and access to the water all around the lake. Most of the resorts have a dock and/or a swimming area most times with a beach. The water temperature in the shallow swimming areas can reach close to 80 degrees, fabulous for taking a dip or cooling off.


The Mountain:

The Mountain, Konocti is a volcano of the most ancient variety. It has become extinct, in geological terms, but there is still carbonated bubbles raising from it's base in Soda Bay. If you are in a boat you can go to the site of an old health spa that has long been flooded by the lake and stand or seat in the shafts or carbonated water that rises out of the earth. There is a small room that one can descend into and when there one has extreme difficulty finding a breath of oxygen. Some say that these waters are therapeutic. But they are somewhat difficult to get to. The mountain has orchards and vineyards and development on it's slopes. At night the huge dark mass rises from the lake and shadows the stars with it's bulk, but on top is a beacon to remind one what and were it is. Weather forms at the peak and some days one can see a cloud hanging off the top or a wisp of white cloud that has formed with the raising warm air or dropping cooler air.


The Cities:

Lakeport the county seat of Lake County is located on the west end of the lake. Lakeport appears as a string of diamonds if one observes it in the evening from the water; from the east along highway 20 or from a vantage point on the south eastern part of the lake around Konocti. The little hamlet is old by California standards and boasts a down town main street just up from the shore line. Downtown Lakeport is full of shops and restaurants and fun things to do and see. During the year groups sponsor events in and around Lakeport. When you call for reservations ask about the events are going on while you visit the area. Visit, Shop, Eat, and/or Stay in Lakeport for a pleasant summer, weekend or vacation. Lakeport hosts the Chamber of Commerce on the West end of the lake and the western part of Lake County. Their phone is 1-707-263-5092.

The City of Clearlake is the largest of the cities in Lake County. It is has a rambling shoreline, that invites one to fish, picnic, or launch a boat. There is a beach and a city park, as well. Clearlake hosts the Chamber of Commerce on the East end of the lake and the eastern part of Lake County. Their phone is 1-707-994-3600.


The People:

The People. By far, the greatest natural resource that Lake County has is it's hospitable innkeepers, shopkeepers, and service persons. These folks tend to ones needs, and have smiles on their faces from dawn to bed time. They are honest folks, that one will enjoy, befriend and return to see again and again.


Indian Gaming:

Robinson Rancheria Bingo & Casino located 2 miles east of Upper Lake and a half mile north of Nice. It's casino action at it's best with all the Nevada style games and entertainment. There is also "Acorn Crossing Gift Shop" featuring Indian crafts and other unique gifts. There is food available 24 hours a day. Call: 1-800-809-3636.

Konocti Vista Casino in Lakeport just off Soda Bay road south of Lakeport. The casino is decorated in a '50's theme with classic automobiles. Food is available all night. Gaming is machines, Pomo 21, and high stakes poker rooms. It is operated by the "Big Valley Band of Pomo". Call: 1-800-386-1950. Local: 1-707-262-1900.

At the south end of the lake is a new entrant into gaming business, The Twin Pine Casino just south of Middletown on Highway 29. It is run by the Miwok Indians of Middletown. Has most popular games and 21. Phone: 1-707-987-0197.

Just outside of Lake County north of Ukiah is the "Shodakai Casino Coyote Valley Casino" has the popular games. Call: 1-800-332-9683 local: 1-707-485-0700.


Golf, Restaurants & Clubs:

Restaurants. All the cities, some resorts and clubs have dining. You can enjoy family dining, short order and fine gourmet specialties. Clubs offer dancing and entertainment, as well. Though, you may be in a semi rural environment you won't lack for stimulation and palate pleasing enjoyment.

Golfers will enjoy the many courses in Lake County. There are five golf courses in the county. Four are 9 hole courses with one being an 18 hole course. All are entertaining even for the experienced golfer. There are events scheduled year around and the weather permitting, are open year round. This Mediterranean climate has a season that will take you right through the winter. You might get rained out in a storm or some snow on Cobb Mountain.


Check out the business directory for exciting family lodging, resorts, motels, romantic 'hide-a-way' inns, bed & breakfast and RV parks for a week-end 'get-away', or a long vacation stay.