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  • Shelter Cove, CA on the Lost Coast and Clear Lake, CA between the Redwood Forests and the wine country are two of the fine vacation spots of California. Fishing, hiking, water skiing, boating, charter fishing, whale watching, surfing, bird watching, wild life watching, State and Federal Parks, a volcano, redwoods, restaurants, camping, RV sites, picnicking, shopping, tide pooling, and just plain relaxing are yours to enjoy at one or both of these locations. Leave the rat race of the city and come out to the country and visit us. We are friendly and look forward to your visit.
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Chris Spheeris

Check out this fabulous musician this is not an advertisement, but a suggestion.

Chris Spheeris  a studio musician, using keyboard, guitar and duets with other new age stylists. Transforms a musical experience to a spiritual one. My recommendations are:

 Europa, Dancing with the Muses, Brio

An incredible musician, Chris Spheeris








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